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We plan to post songs from the early days of Telugu movies, until about 1960. Songs will be updated periodically. Please visit often to check for new additions.

All songs are in low bit rate MP3 format. To conserve bandwidth, we request you to download the songs (right click and select "Save As") rather than repeatedly listen online. Please only download/listen to songs you do not already have. This will allow everyone to enjoy this collection.

The songs and associated information are presented using the Rice Transcription Scheme (RTS).

Credits: The idea of starting this website exclusively for vintage Telugu songs started with Sreenivas Paruchuri. Srinivasa Rao Sanagavarapu contributed many of the songs on this site. This site is maintained by Sreenadh Jonnavithula.

Your suggestions and requests are welcome. Please write to . Most songs posted here are over 50 years old, and are in the public domain under Indian Law. If you believe that there are any copyright violations here, please bring it to our notice.

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